About me

ReneNovember 2006 I quit my job as a financial director of a horticulture company and made a 10 month journey around the world. In this 10 months I travelled through 25 countries on 5 continents. After returning to my home country, The Netherlands, I quickly realised that traveling brings out the best in me. I started an international career. My Dutch employer sent me to projects around the world. In my spare time I got a backpack out of my suitcase and travelled to new places. 

In April 2013 I bought an entry model DSLR and got instantly hooked on photography. From the moment I picked up the camera I mainly focused on nature photography. Some examples can be seen on my website.

In August 2015 I quit my job again for another long travel. I spent most of the time in South America. I returned the end of May 2016 with two goals: 1) start as a freelance international project controller/financial manager, 2) take my photography to the next level to be able to make a career switch in the future. Currently I’m working in Belgium and I enrolled on OCA.


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