Reflection 161113

Activities done

day 1. 7 November 2016

  • Ordered course Expressing your vision
  • Read course book until and including square mile assignment
  • Opened E-mail account Explored Oca website
  • Watched Get started guide & video
  • Watched Video – role of the tutor, using still images to represent a temporal world
  • Opened Tumblr learning blog
  • Drafted profile for tutor

day 2. 8 November 2016

  • Read Classic essays on photography p71-97
  • Thoughts on learning blog

day 3. 9 November 2016

  • 1st contact tutor, read info from his e-mail.
  • prepared draft assignment schedule.
  • Read Classic essays on Photography edited by Alan Trachtenberg p99-113
  • Watched Facts & Villerous- Documentary filmmaker Jessica Villerius speaks with gang members about their life of violence and retribution. If you want to step out of that life, you must first remove gang tattoos.
  • Watched De ideale wereld (DIW), a Belgium satirical program on Trump being elected president

day 4. 10 November 2016

  • read course book Expressing your Vision p1-34 (except links and no exercise done)

day 5. 11 November 2016

  • Introduction course + actions
  • Started WordPress log instead of Tumblr
  • Looked at some pictures in Photobox

day 6. 12 November 2016

  • Continued with Introduction course
  • Organized learning log
  • Started with assignment “research trail”
  • Started with assignment 1 – sqaure mile – preparation & research
  • Watched ‘De Kwis’ – a Dutch satirical program on last weeks’ news.

day 7. 13 November 2016

  • Made pictures for assignment 1
  • Read Classic essays on photography edited by Alan Trachtenberg p115-132
  • Started preparing reflection on first days

So far I haven’t properly reflected on things done. I’ve mainly been busy with getting things organized. The introduction course took more time than expected. Also I decided on doing a proper research assignment not only as practice, but also as a contextual research. Therefor it will take more time to finalize. My reflections on that assignment I’ll write as part of a separate article called ‘Magnum Controversies’. The same goes for assignment one – square mile, a project called ‘off the baby blanket’.


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