Doubt (2)

While reading and thinking about photography questions come up. Questions I don’t have answers to yet. For now theorizing on photography equals doubt to me. The thoughts are random and incoherent. 

Isn’t theorizing about art always pretentious?

Art should take people out of their reality and take along in photographer’s reality. Real art has a soul, a feeling.

I’m not interested in being part of a movement or style. My style that i will develop shall have overlaps with existing styles because i’m i child of my culture and influenced by other people. But it will be my voice.

Contemporary art criticism is no longer solely about the works of art. Is the context relevant? Is this approach part of the reason it often looks in contemporary art that idea is more important than execution? That the artist has an idea which he doesn’t communicate through his art? 

Where does photography stop and it becomes image making?


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