Exercise 1.3

shots using lines to create a sense of depth

shots using lines to flatten the pictorial space

1/50 sec f3.5 iso 100


I don’t like the auto function of my camera. Before increasing the ISO the camera always goes for the quickest possible f-stop first. This isn’t always good for the quality of the photo, lack of sharpness, bad bokeh, etc.

The sky is to bright for the picture. It needs to be corrected with a graduated filter, especially in the picture of the bridge. For the sake of the course I didn’t  use the tool in the uploaded picture.

Lines in the picture in relation to the frame create forms. With a diagonal line for example (implied) triangles are created. The rounding in the implied line by means of the wood board bridge creates part of a circle. Diagonal lines also have dynamic in them. Horizontal and vertical lines are often static.

In the attempts to flatten the picture by means of lines other elements still suggest some depth. In the picture of the stairs for example there are shadow and the depth of field that imply depth.


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