Gregory Halpern – ZZYZX

‘Gregory Halpern was born in Buffalo, New York. He holds a BA from Harvard University and an MFA from California College of the Arts.’, Halpern, G. (s.d.)

Pictures out of his book ZZYZX are on display in the exhibition INDIVISIBLE: New American Documents.


‘The exhibition brings works together of three of the most important contemporary American documentary photographers who explore the contradictory and sometimes paradoxical nature of America today. I visited the exhibition in the FOMU Antwerp on the 18th of December.

In ZZYZX, Gregory Halpern lyrically investigates contemporary California, where the sun-kissed beauty of the American Dream collapses into the reality of poverty, instability, and inequality.’ Fomu Antwerp (2016)

Strong, stylish, symbolic photos of people, objects and places in and around Los Angeles. The photographer says he hasn’t really got a message. It’s not social photography. I can’t see a clear message either in the pictures, but the pictures do give the feeling a message is to be read. It are not just very nice pictures. Beautiful they are. Form equals content, I think this is what I like in my own photography.

Gregory (2016), Halpern, G. At URL: (accessed on 19 December 2016)
Fomu Antwerp (2016) At URL: (accessed on 19 December 2016)


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