Saul Leiter – retrospective

‘retrospective of the work of Saul Leiter (US, 1923 – 2013), a pioneer of colour photography. Leiter was already using colour film in 1946 at a time when only black and white photography was accepted as an artistic medium.’, FOMU Antwerp (2016)


Fascinating how Saul Leiter photographed atmosphere. His images with raindrops on windows, mirror images, refracted light, a grey landscape and one colour accent like a red umbrella or green traffic light are amazing. His pictures tend toward abstraction, a derivative of his painting works. Saul Leiter’s use of colour is an aspect I’d like to incorporate in my own pictures.

‘I don’t have a philosophy, I have a camera’, said Paul Leiter. After seeing a documentary with an aged Saul Leiter I think he means he’s not aware of philosophy when he makes pictures during his strolls. He certainly has a life philosophy.

Fomu Antwerp (2016) At URL: (Accessed on 19 December 2016)


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