Doubts (7)

While reading and thinking about photography questions come up. Questions I don’t have answers to yet. For now theorizing on photography equals doubt to me. The thoughts are random and incoherent.

What is photography? What not?

People assume more then is shown in a photo. It’s the context a photo is placed in or the knowledge of a viewer that determines what the viewer thinks he sees. A photo is nothing more then light on sensitive material. All the rest is interpretation, judgement and/or theorizing. For example a photo doesn’t show poverty, it’s the viewers interpretation of the photo.

A good photo stays good independent of context. This implies that idea or concept can’t be more important than execution. It also implies that each photo in a series should be able to stand on its own, or that photo’s from a series should never been seen separately.

Crossover: photography & poetry

A photograph has no meaning, just a two dimensional print of forms & tones or colors on paper or screen. Meaning is given by viewer.

A picture on a screen: photo or image. Is photo not only a photo when printed?
Look up definitions photo.


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