Reflection on feedback

I wrote in my analyses of the square mile assignment, ‘Keith Arnett and Gawain Barnard don’t inspire me. I’m missing exhibition of the technical skills.’ My tutor replied, ‘Perhaps when you get really technically proficient the techniques become invisible.’ I fully agree that an artist doesn’t have to show off his or hers technical skills, but I don’t think ideas are more important than execution. It’s something I’m struggling with while looking at a lot of contemporary art. I’m learning to look and decode.
My next comment was related to this as well, ‘Tina Barney. The dividing line between art and snapshot is thin.’ My tutor commented, ‘And I think this is increasingly true in photography in general…look at Richard Billingham’s Ray’s a Laugh‘. I did have a look and although the chosen pictures might look like snapshots, I certainly see well framed and aesthetically pleasing pictures. Art concealed as snapshots.


Suggested reading/viewing

Sontag, S., 1978. On Photography. London: Penguin. I did read. Some comments in my doubt-posts are from during reading this book. I’ll re-read in coming period.

I added the following books to my wish list:

  • Berger, J., 1982. Ways of Seeing. London: Pelican.
  • Fox, A. & Caruana, N., 2012. Behind the Image. Lausanne: AVA Publishing SA.
  • Short, M., 2011. Context and Narrative. Lausanne: AVA Publishing SA.

Next time I order books this one will be included.

Learning log

My tutor suggested, ‘the Home page would be better holding what you currently have in the Geen categorie.’ I changed the front page of my site to a static page. I would prefer to show a limited number of posts on the front page, but in the chosen wordpress theme that’s not possible.


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