Alessandra Sanguinetti

Google-search: Alessandra Sanguinetti – black river falls – Sunday choir

7 Young girls of a Catholic church choir with their song books. The books, the faces, the shoes, I keep looking at this picture. Each girl seems to be a story in herself. The picture is in black &white.

I don’t know if the poses are spontaneous, seen some of the work of the artist I suppose they are, although some girls are more then aware of the camera. The picture is conflicting to me. None of the girls has a smile on her face, I don’t see happiness. They must like singing? Or are they not voluntary there? Girl 1 seems to be scared, like she’s seen the devil. Girl 6 is somewhere else, but not in a place a girl her age should be. Girl 4 stands like she’s in the army. Overall I get a very negative feeling from the picture.

Looking at the picture on a computer screen in comparison to a printed version takes away a little bit of the negativity. The picture on screen looks a bit brighter.

I would love to create such a picture, a picture that each time I look at it raises questions.


Jennings, C. (2016), ‘Black River Falls’ In: Aperture 226 pp. 38-47


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