Kathya Maria Landeros

Link to picture criticised: Leslie, Elk Grove, California, 2015

Kathya’s pictures are posed, like a family snapshot. In this particular photo a girl is sitting on a fence. She looks of camera.

After a couple of times going through some of Kathya’s pictures I noticed the snake around the girls wrist on this particular photo. I had looked at this picture a couple of times before, but hadn’t noticed the snake. Suddenly it became a different picture. I went through some other pictures of Kathya again to see if I missed more clues, but I didn’t.

I see Kathya’s pictures more as documentary than as art photography, but still they end up in galleries. In all my freshman thinking about photography and art it is something I still can’t comprehend. I’m working on it.

It’s not this stand alone photo, but the series that give Kathya’s pictures a value beyond the snapshot. As I have commented before, for me the learning point is to work projects, to photograph an idea over a longer period of time.


Cisneros, S. (2017), ‘West’ In: Aperture 226 pp. 90-95

Landeros, K.M. (2017), At: http://kathyalanderos.com/west/sixteen.html (last visited 2 May 2017)


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