Peter Marlow

Link to criticized picture: Michael Schumacher, 2001

From a personal project of photo journalist and war report from Magnum, Peter Marlow. ‘exploring not necessarily the things that were happening, but the everyday time time between the events. That aim is clearly evident in this picture of a champion’ (Koch, 2009). This picture can be seen as an expension of the discussion on the decisive moment in part 3 of the course.

Michael Schumacher sits in race overall at a table waiting for a meal. He is observing his surroundings, so it seems. The picture transmits serenity, calmness and patience. The eating place looks like a cantine or fast food restaurant. It could be anywhere in the world. No glamour.

The picture is in B&W what adds to that tranquility. The composition adds to the static feeling of the picture as well. I like this picture. It captures perfectly the ‘nothing happening’ idea.


Koch, R. (2009) Photo:box New York: Abrams

Magnum photos (2001) Peter Marlow At: (last visited 2 May 2017)



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