Nick Knight

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‘Nick Knight is among the world’s most influential and visionary photographers, and founder and director of award-winning fashion website As a fashion photographer, he has consistently challenged conventional notions of beauty ‘, (Knight, 2017).

His pictures have a bit of absurdism or sci-fi or fantasy-elements in them, are very stylish. Nick experiments continuously with new technologies. He is a progressive image maker. I’m glad he uses the word ‘image’, as in my opinion some images are no longer pictures because of extensive digital manipulation. I like his work best when the digital manipulation isn’t too obvious (to me).

I like his use of dark and desaturated colors very much. The thoughtful use of colors is something I’d like to implement in my own photography when I start photographing more studio or still life work.


Knight, K. (2017), At: (last visited 17-05-2017)


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