Part 2 Project 2 Research point

15 December 2013 – 1/640 sec f/8.0 135mm

The first successful picture I ever created with a DSLR with shallow depth of field. The main reason I succeeded was that I shot from very nearby with a tele-lens. The result was pre-visualised. The shallow DOF adds to the intimacy. Although I have upgraded my camera and lens in the mean time, which has its obvious effect on picture quality, I still love this picture. It remains one of my favourites.

Ansel Adams, Fay Godwin, Mona Kuhn, Kim Kirkpatrick. The DOF they choose for their pictures fitted with the subjects and the messages they wanted to convey. Ansel was a master, especially in post-production. I’m intrigued by the pictures of Kim. It’s like the sharp subjects and vague environments get whole new meanings, an alternative construction of reality.