Exercise 4.2


The pictures are shot over two executive days with similar variable weather: overcast, rain & sun.

Even when corrected for colour temperature, the light still has a colouring effect.

The colour temperature kept changing throughout the day


A selection of pictures uncorrected for colour temperature

The same pictures corrected for colour temperature

Quality of light

Even under overcast conditions midday light is more harsh

Early morning light is soft

The shadow spot grows throughout the day and changes (although slightly) from direction


Exercise 4.3

artificial light


Difference in quality of light from daylight

The small artificial lights make for a hard light. This can, for example, be seen in the distinct hard-lined shadows of the wooden benches in the first picture.

Hard shadow lines, no transition area.

The difficulty with shooting different artificial light sources lies not only in the colour temperature, but also in keeping highlights from blowing out and the effect on composition.

Exercise 4.5

Doing a google image search for a sunrise I can identify 5 different sunrise picture categories:

  1. sphere
  2. coloured light reflected in clouds
  3. star
  4. blown out
  5. mist

screengrap sunrise

The most deviating picture is the sunrise coming through the bowed fingers, but this is for me even a bigger cliche picture then I already find sunrises. It’s impossible to open up a popular photography magazine without seeing, the yellow, red and purple colours of sunrise or sunset.

All below pictures are part of a larger project called ‘the hike’. I started the end of July with hiking in weekends and I’ll stop when the trail leaves the Benelux after 900km. Hopefully I can later pick up the project again when I can take a longer holiday. The trail ends in Nice.

I’m trying to be spontaneous and playful in composing. I make sphere impressions while hiking long distance stages. On average I hiked 60km almost each weekend from absolutely flat in the Netherlands to mountainous in the Ardennes and Luxembourg. Perseverance and Solitude are other keywords for this project. The emotions and atmosphere I try to use as base for the whole project.

The first couple of pictures are the most ‘standard’. Nevertheless, to my opinion they appeal very much. My analysis is that the sunrise together with other elements in the pictures give an emotional load to these pictures. The creativity lies in the fact that the sunrise is subject matter, but not the subject. In the 2nd series of pictures below and ultimately in the final selection that becomes more evident.

sunrise is not the main subject, but adds to the emotional load of the picture

Final selection

Juxtaposing the dark mood of a cemetery with the bright colours of sunrise

Hiking the GR5 trail in the Benelux

Exercise 4.1


excercise EyV 4.1 histogram

What I saw

The white paper is the most clean example of the exercise

The grey card wasn’t frame filling (see the spike on the left of the histogram) and the grey was a little lighter then midtone.

The black file had a bit of dark grey in it.

Camera settings

For the white paper the settings on automatic mode where f2.8 1/100s ISO100, I changed in manual mode the shutter speed to 1/20s to get the correct white. I added more than 2 stops of light.