Magnum controversies

One of the founders of Magnum, Robert Capa, made a highly controversial photo on the 5th of September 1936 when he captured ‘The Falling Soldier’. A couple of months ago Magnum photographer Steve McCurry was publicly bashed for extensive photoshopping and he’s been accused of staging photo’s as well. In my research trail assignment for the — An Introduction to Studying in HE – course I’ll be researching if there are more controversies surrounding the photographers collective Magnum and if so, what they were. I’ll only identify the controversies and not investigate if there is truth in them.

[This article will be updated step by step]

Robert Capa

  • The falling soldier is claimed to have been staged
  • D-day landing. The story of melted negatives in a London darkroom isn’t true. There are eye witness reports that Capa panicked and fled back to a ship. He only made 11 exposure, which were not up to his usual quality.

Steve McCurry

  • Some of McCurry’s photographs have been digitally doctored.
  • Some of McCurry’s famous ‘photojournalism’ images were set up

Thomas Hoepker

  • 9/11 picture of 4 people bading in the sun while in the background the city is burning. At first the picture wasn’t published. When it was after 5 years, the people in the picture complained that Thomas had photographed them ‘without permission in a way that misrepresented their feelings and behaviour.’ (Jones, 2011)

Paolo Pellegrin

  • plagiarism and sloppy journalism. Misrepentation of background information and depiction with a photo with as subject a former marine in The Crescent, Rodchester, USA.

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